Authentic lyrics, stuck-in-your-head acoustic pop melodies, and powerhouse vocals fused together to create folk pop bliss. ”

Meet Ica. (pronounced "i" + "kuh"), a Calgary-born and Toronto-based singer-songwriter on a mission to craft emotive soundscapes from the raw material of human experience. As a former competitive swimmer and self-proclaimed extroverted introvert, Ica.'s musical influences mirror the complexities of the human condition. Her playlist staples include tracks like "Motion Sickness" by Phoebe Bridgers, "All My Shit is In My Car" by JP Saxe, and "Orange Show Speedway" by Lizzy McAlpine, reflecting her affinity for artists who navigate life's grey areas.

Combining candid lyrics with infectious pop melodies, Ica. distills life's lessons into her own songwriting, offering listeners a window into the whirlwind of existence. With over 5 years of stage experience, her commanding vocals and effortless stage presence transcend genres, weaving tales that resonate with audiences far and wide.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of growth, Ica. honed her craft over five years at Humber College's Bachelor of Music Program and Intro to Commercial Jazz Certificate, culminating in her upcoming EP, "Seen by You," set for release in fall 2024. Produced by Sarah Ramsay and engineered by Matthew Manifould at Humber's Gordon Wragg Studios, "Seen By You" delves deeper into Ica.'s outspoken artistry, inviting listeners into her journey of self-discovery and yearning for belonging. With this EP, Ica. seeks to offer solace and solidarity to those who feel misunderstood, transforming her music into a beacon of hope and connection for all who listen.