Emotionally raw lyrics fused with "stuck-in-your-head" pop melodies, to create indie folk-pop bliss. ”

Calgary-born and Toronto-based JESSICA, fuses together emotionally raw lyrics, stuck-in-your-head acoustic pop melodies, and powerhouse vocals to create folk-pop bliss. Her signature sound brings a vibe reminiscent of artists such as Mt.Joy, Lizzy McAlpine, and Julia Michaels. Her no strings attached approach to songwriting and performance aims to air out life’s bittersweet lessons.   


"If you're looking for a musician who is authentic, genuine, and one hundred percent real, then let me introduce you to Ica. With her thought-provoking lyrics and moving melodies, Ica is able to connect with her listeners on an emotional and intellectual journey. She is an ever-evolving musician who is getting better with every song she creates. Ica. is a musician that everyone should watch for in 2022 and beyond". 

                                                                                 - Kibwe Walters,  Creator of 90.9 CJSW's "Off the Map"


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